Authorized Pandit Acharya Sunil Guruji in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

Pandit Sunil Tiwari guruji lives in Trambakeshwar, near Trimbakeshwar Temple Mahadev Mandir since 50 years.

He is well known and famous pandit around trimbakeshwar for kaal sarp dosh nivaran puja, pitra shanti puja, narayan nagbali and rudra abhishek puja.

The reason behind popularity for panditji is most the Yajmans from all over the world got good result after performing puja.

He is well educated and Jyotishtadnya (Astrology expert) pandit. And he performs all type of trimbakeshwar pooja.

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Call guruji and check your kundali to know exact which type of kaal sarp dosh you have, to get best remedy over it. So you can get list of muhurat for that particular dosh and you will get good result after pooja.

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