Kalsarp Pooja Mumbai

Kaalsarp Pooja Mumbai

Kalsarp Pooja Mumbai

Kalsarp Pooja in Mumbai: Mumbai is the lucrative capital of India. The city is swiftly, and even a year may seem like a flowing moment. Nevertheless, the city comes to a halt when it comes to commemorating the different Hindu festivals, from Diwali to Ganpati to Holi. Mumbai is also house to various temples that celebrate the religious constancy of the city.

हिंदी में पढ़े – क्लिक करे – मुंबई में कालसर्प पूजा

Kaal Sarp dosh is an imprecation that influences a person when all seven planets fall in the middle of Ketu and Rahu. The person who bears this dosh suffers from a calamity situation in life. Kaal Sarp dosha is a highly disastrous yoga that shaped in the horoscopes of a person. The nearness of Kaal Sarp dosh in native’s introduction to world horoscope makes provocation, disruptions upon sort of Yog. It will furthermore affect the obtaining and make life much infuriating in the event that you are looking for best pandit for Kaal Sarp dosh puja then astrologer is the best pandit also for kalsarp pooja in Mumbai.

If you are having Kaal sarp dosh or notable said you that a kaal sarp dosh exists in your kundali then it is not a very big issue, this dosh will be resolved with few kaal sarp dosh pooja and vidhis.

KalSarp Pooja in Mumbai

The Kaalsarp Nivaran puja is being done in Mumbai with all the proper act and holy ceremony with considerable worship of lord Shiva. Kaal sarp dosh can be built in any person’s horoscope like king, president and prime minister etc. and those who have kaal sarp in their horoscope. May have all types of provisions and still suffer from stress and humility all over their lives.

This Kaal sarp dosh is more disastrous than other malign yoga. This Kaalsarp yog influences a person and sometimes all over his life, relying on the place of Kaal sarp yoga. A man having Kaal sarp yog in his horoscope faces issues of abundance nature. Also the uncertainty in his life and mental disruption.

Remedies for Kaal Sarp Yoga

One of the best remedies for rahu and ketu is to visit a holy place. The person should go to such divine places which are helpful for people having Kaal Sarp Dosha. For instance, people should take a holy dip in Rameshwaram Temple in Tamil Nadu. Offer prayers to forefathers. It will put an end to Pitra Shrap, if that is the feeling for Kaal Sarp Dosh. Also, they should go to the temples such as Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain, Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh, Trimbakeshwar in Nashik. Do puja of Lord Shiva there. Hence, it can ease the negative influences of this Dosha to a huge amount.

Who Can do Kalsarp Pooja in Mumbai?

Only a pandit with the understanding and proficiency in doing the Kaal Sarp Dosh pooja should do the puja.

The puja can be done for a single person or even a group of people with the Kaal Sarp Yog in their kundli.

You can choose the correct kalsarp pooja muhurt, and get in touch with your Panditji.

However, if you are looking for a good and trustworthy panditji who can study your kundli and help you decide the correct kaal sarp dosh puja muhurat and make the preparations so you can accomplish a gentle and fruitful kalsarp pooja in Mumbai you contact Sunil Tiwari Guruji on 8390000315.

Pandit for Kalsarp Pooja in Mumbai

Our pandit for kaalsarp puja in Mumbai is a specialist in all Hindu religious Pooja’s, Vidhi’s, KaalSarp pooja, Trapidi Shradha etc. He look after all the issues and works firmly with people to make sure that all presumptions are met. Also He had done almost 2000 KaalSarp Dosh Nivaran Puja at Mumbai. He is KaalSarp Puja specialist in Mumbai.

People from all around the world have been coming at Mumbai for doing all sorts of vidhis. This is the outcome of their devoted kindness in doing the Hindu rituals at Mumbai.

We do Tripindi Shraddha, Narayan Nagbali, Nakshatra Shanti, Rudrabhishek, Kaalsarp pooja in Mumbai.

There are 12 kinds of Kaala Sarp Dosh:-

  • ANANT KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Anant Kaal Sarp Yog appears when Rahu is in the 1st House and Ketu is in the 7th House while the rest planets are on the left to this axis. This yog is dangerous for wedded life but good to attain finances. Native enduring from this Yog when married suffer from inferiority complex and tension.
  • KULIK KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog appears in one’s Kundli when Rahu is in the 2nd house and Ketu is in the 8th house. This yog is very unfavourable for the native’s fitness. There is a major assumption of loss and accidents in their life. Financial affluence will be on the fall and ill reputation on the hike.
  • VASUKI KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog is in one’s Kundli when Rahu is in the 3rd house and Ketu is in the 9th house while the planets are on the left of rahu and Ketu axis. Native hurting from this Yog suffers from high blood pressure, inappropriate death. And also losses in business or finances due to the relatives.
  • SHANKPAL KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Shankpal Kaal Sarp Yog is in one’s Kundli when Rahu is in the 4th house and Ketu is in the 10th house. With this Yog in the horoscope, a person gets into tension at the workplace; has an irritating and concerning life with much need. They could be an illegal child or have an illegal child outside of their marriage.

Kaal Sarp Yog Types

  • PADAM KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Padam Kaal Sarp Yog is when Rahu is in the 5th house and Ketu is in the 11th house. They might even face issues in getting pregnant. If they have a distressed moon in their horoscope as well, they will suffer from the influence of soul. Incurable illnesses take long to retrieve and academic hurdles are uniform. Also, their friends and family let them down usually.
  • MAHAPADAM KAAL SARP DOSHA: With Rahu is in the 6th House and Ketu is in the 12th house the Mahapadam Kaal Sarp yog is in one’s Kundli. There will be many opponents in this person’s life and they will suffer from inherited diseases. Nevertheless, if this yog acts flourishingly, it can give them strength and make them a political victory.
  • TAKSHAK KAAL SARP DOSHA: When Rahu is in the 7th house and Ketu is in the 1st house, the Takshak Kaal Sarp yog is is in one’s horoscope. These people lives in usual supposition and lose their money because of alcoholic prosperity, wrong company and gambling. Their life will be full of disputes and drama after marriage.
  • KARKOTAK KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Karkotak Kaal Sarp Yog is when Rahu is in the 8th house and Ketu is in the 2nd house in the horoscope. They have love for offensive components. They lose out on inherited wealth and are vulnerable to sexually transmitted disorders.

12 Types of Kalsarp Pooja in Mumbai:

  • SHANKACHOOD KAAL SARP DOSHA: The Shankachood Kaal Sarp Yog is when Rahu is in the 9th house and Ketu is in the 3rd house. Such people have a life with many ups and downs. They are good falsifier and favour anti-religious propensity as well as activities. They are short tempered. And they suffer from high blood pressure as well as rigidity.
  • GHATAK KAAL SARP DOSHA: When Rahu is in the 10th House and Ketu is in the 4th House, the Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog is in a Kundli. Such people come under the scanner for lawsuit issues and are usually punished by the law for their behaviour. Nevertheless, if this yog is benefice then it can assist them get great political power.
  • VISHDHAR KAAL SARP DOSHA: With Rahu in the 11th, House and Ketu is in the 5th House, this yog is in the horoscope. The Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog makes the person hesitant and has to travel frequently. They have issues with their children and can lead an incarcerate life. They also get no aid from siblings. Nevertheless, the latter half of their life is calm.
  • SHESHNAG KAAL SARP DOSHA: When Rahu is in the 12th House and Ketu is in the 6th house, the Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Yog is in the horoscope. This person is unsuitable and suffers issues with actions and defeats in all state of life. They make enemies effortlessly and suffer from health ailments.

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